Whether your goal is downsizing before a big move, adjusting to a new space, or simply cutting the clutter, we provide the right level of support.

  • Side-by-side organizing coaching
    Learn how to live more organized from Austin's first Certified KonMari Consultant. Your space will be sparking joy in no time!

  • Full-service organizing
    Don't have time to work one-on-one? No problem. We can provide full service organizing after a short consultation to prioritize and strategize.

  • Maximize your space
    Make your space feel larger and more open with storage tricks.

  • Work more efficiently
    Streamline your home or work routine by cutting the clutter and mindfully setting up systems that work for you.

  • Live in the present
    By removing distracting items from your immediate surroundings, you'll be able to stay focused on what matters today.


We haul your donations and recycling after every organizing session.

  • Donate to organizations that make a difference in our community
    Let it go without the guilt, knowing that someone will use the stuff that's been cluttering your space for too long. See where we donate your unwanted items here.

  • Reduce landfill waste
    We know what to recycle where and are happy to advise.

  • Deduct your donations from your taxes
    We'll mail or deliver your donation receipt for a deduction on your annual income taxes.

Hi, my name is Erin and all my life I’ve naturally been inclined towards organization. I love puzzles, problem-solving, and TETRIS, and have always felt the inexplicable urge to literally put ducks in a row and make things look better. My curiosities and interests have led me through various occupations and roles, including customer service (restaurants, retail), language and education (adult Spanish language, university study abroad, and early childhood), and in 2014 I found my passion of helping others organize their spaces.

As a Home Organizing Consultant, I transform chaos to order while working one-on-one with people in a meaningful way. To me, organizing is more than moving stuff around. Through the process of organizing, I help people put their life in order, get clear on their priorities, and take action. I am grateful for the trust my clients place in me as we sort through their most personal, treasured, or sometimes neglected items in order to move forward in life. In 2017 I was honored to become Austin’s first Certified KonMari Consultant after training with Marie Kondo in her famous method, the most thorough and complete way to transform your your space into a clutter-free sanctuary.

I have seen the power of organization and witnessed stress melt away from my clients’ faces after tackling what they’ve put off too long. I truly love what I do and it wouldn’t be possible without my clients. Because the work I do is intimate, I’d like to share a bit more about myself.

  • I love to travel -- so far I've visited Colombia, Costa Rica, Cuba, the Czech Republic, the Dominican Republic, France, Germany, Indonesia, Italy, Mexico, Morocco, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, and the U.A.E.

  • I played soccer in college for Texas State in San Marcos (Eat ‘Em Up Cats!)

  • I’m fluent in Spanish and studied and lived in Spain for six months

  • My husband and I married in 2018 we love our 1,000 sq ft in South Central Austin, where we are AirBnB hosts.

  • I love animals (especially dogs). We have a New Orleans rescued boxer/pitt mix named Dife ("Dee-fay").

If you’d like to learn more, please visit my Good things page to see what others are saying, join me at an upcoming event, stay in touch with my newsletter, or book a session today.