What to do with too much stuff?

Do I really need 16 toothbrushes? 

I get questions like this from clients all the time. No matter the organizing approach I use during my sessions (logic or the "joy factor"), my clients inevitably conclude that they have way more than they need. I quickly learned that part of the "magic of tidying up" comes from the shock of removing all the excess stuff. And while it felt good to see my clients let go of things that were no longer adding value to their lives, I constantly worried about where those items ended up.

I hated thinking about recyclable materials wasting their fates in landfills, along with items that might have been useful (and even spark joy) for someone else. I decided that a second mission of my business would be to haul away recycling and donations and drop them off personally, so we would all sleep easier at night. This service is complimentary at the end of every organizing session, and I'll even mail you your tax deductible receipt afterwards.

There are many options to donate to, and organizations have different needs at different times of the year. Allow me to consult you on where to drop off your no-longer-needed items, or I can do it on your behalf. You can find all of the amazing Austin organizations I regularly donate to here.