What’s your love language?

Valentine's Day is a great day to explore the five love languages and how they play a role in tidying, organization and overall household dynamics. The love languages (touch, acts of service, gifts, quality time, and words of affirmation) are wonderful tools for understanding yourself and others. Keep in mind, though, that the love languages you tend to offer may not be the same ones as the love languages you prefer to receive. If you're not sure what your preferred love languages are, here is an online quiz to help you find out.

This Valentine’s Day, examine which love languages help you feel most loved and supported and see if they are ones you can bestow to yourself first. For example, if you feel loved and supported when someone cleans and organizes an area of the home (the language of SERVICE), try carving 15 minutes to do it yourself for yourself. Or, if you feel supported when someone encourages you with words of affirmation, add 2 minutes to your morning routine to say the words aloud that you need to hear. Try closing your eyes and hearing the words and then open them, in front of your mirror, to see yourself saying them back to you.

How do love languages affect our well-being?

Great question! Love languages can be expressed outwardly (toward another) or inwardly (toward yourself)  to help us feel safe, worthy, and cherished. If we are mindful about the ways we like to give and receive love, we can foster more nurturing relationships with ourselves and with others. When we feel loved, valued, and accepted, we are more likely to spread that love and joy to others. 

What do the love languages have to do with organizing and the Konmari method?

Love languages can be a helpful tool to start, maintain, or finish a task associated with organizing or other household work. Tidying is an act of service that can demonstrate to yourself or others your love and appreciation. If you make tidying a collaborative effort with a loved one, it becomes an activity of sharing quality time. If your preferred love language is touch, perhaps you reward yourself after a session of tidying with a massage or soothing bath soak. The applications are endless. Finally, Konmari believes that our homes and every thing in it has a spirit and that we should express our gratitude to our belongings for all the ways they support us in our lives. So take good care of your things by assigning each item a home and use words of affirmation to make them feel loved and appreciated, or if you're holding on to useless clutter, lovingly thank it for its service and send it off to a better home.

May you feel loved and supported this Valentine’s Day season,

- Erin with Organized for Good