Clothing Swaps keep your closet tidy and fresh

When I was ready to officially launch Organized for Good, I knew I wanted to host a gathering that reflected the spirit of its mission. Thus, "Swap & Sip" was born.

As a KonMari Consultant-in-Training, I've seen lots of overflowing closets firsthand, and I know the stress of letting go of things and the terrible guilt and feeling of wastefulness that goes along with it. No one should have to experience these feelings about choosing to live clutter-free.

So, for my business launch party I invited over girlfriends (and their girlfriends) to bring a bag of their no-longer-loved clothes, shoes, and accessories to a party for a clothing swap. I turned my house into a little boutique, and we sipped hibiscus mimosas and shopped each other's closets for free. It was delightful. We tried on items that sparked joy and enjoyed the community of women with great style. We only kept what truly sparked joy. What's more fun and sustainable than recycled fashion?

All that remained at the end of the swapping frenzy was donated to local non-profit organizations including Austin Fairy GodmotherDress for SuccessAustin Creative ReuseSafe PlaceFront Stepsthe Salvation Army, and Project Transitions (Top Drawer). All together, we donated 481 items to charity! 

Thanks to my lovely friends at Drink Slingers , (TABC bartenders, bar setup, and fresh mixers for your private event), and to Gypsy Floral (luxe bridal florals & event design), we sipped on mimosas and gave gorgeous blooms to some lucky attendees. 

The event was a huge success, and I plan to make it a bi-annual event. Please clean out your closet and join us for our next Swap & Sip on March 26th, 11am-2pm!