5 ways to bring more PEACE into your home

Happy World Understanding and Peace Day! 
World peace may feel like a big feat you couldn't possibly have anything to do with, but how about starting in your own home? Are you at peace in your environment? Here are my top 5 tips on how to level with yourself when it comes to creating more calm in your home:

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When you put your affairs in order....png


Take 3 deep breaths (the more stress the longer the inhales and exhales) and soften those shoulders - you can let go the weight of the world you’ve been carrying. 


Look at your day and pick a time slot to eliminate distractions (like social media) and commit to 10-15 minutes of tidying. 

#3. STOP.

Stop the loop system playing that “you don’t have enough… time, money, resources to have  peaceful home environment.” Start where you are from a place of worthiness.

#4. BEGIN.

When you feel refueled with oxygen and refreshed from the silence of that chatty mind of yours, you're ready to begin. You can drop the guilt about anything else you might spend your time on and begin with one small task to clear up the space around you. Whether it is unloading the dishwasher, putting your shoes away (my shoes end up scattered on the floor by the door or hiding under the coffee table), or cleaning the bathroom mirror and replacing the toilet paper roll... simply by starting the action you will create a wave effect.


Once you complete that small task, you'll undoubtedly find another, and another... those cardboard boxes that need to be broken down and put in the recycling bin, that cluttered counter that is crying out to be cleared, sorting mail, etc. By staying present in the moment and completing each task with focus, you're on a tidying kick before you realize it. In that state of mind, you can enjoy tidying up and shift the perspective of a “chore” to an investment toward your mental health and inner peace.


Hope this helps in your tidying perspective and process,