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Fall Community Clothing Swap w/ proceeds to RAICES

The Why

Clothing swaps bring all the thrills of shopping, thrifting, and convening with like-minded women, without the damage to our pocketbook or the negative environmental and social impact of buying new. Organized for Good promotes sustainable decluttering, so that discarded items can fulfill their purpose in a second life cycle and bring about some joy in our community.

Each clothing swap’s proceeds benefit a local charity. This fall swap benefits RAICES, with 50% of ticket sales. In addition, remaining clothing after the swap will be donated to Austin Pets Alive! Thrift, Dress for Success, Habitat for Humanity, Salvation Army and Treasure City Thrift.

The What

We all have more than we need. Those hiking boots you never wear anymore? What if your neighbor was just getting ready to buy some for an upcoming trip? Clothing swaps give our stuff a second chance at a new life, and reduces our impulse to buy new. It feels better letting go when you know you’re making space for the possibility of something new.

Tickets are $20.
50% of ticket sales will be donated to RAICES
Price includes admission to shop (with at least 10 items to swap), plus mimosas and snacks.

The How

The concept of the clothing swap is simple. Pull out your clothes (and shoes and accessories) and really consider what you’re still loving. Do you have more than you need? More than you love?

Gather up the stuff that doesn’t fit well or just doesn’t do it for you anymore. Bring them with you on the day of the swap (on hangers if you got ‘em). You’ll swap your gently used clothes for others. There’s a fitting room where you can try stuff on. It’s a great way to release what’s been stuck in your drawer or closet for too long, and snag some guilt-free additions that spark joy for the you who are you now.

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