Frequently Asked Questions

Will you make me get rid of my stuff?

No. We'll help guide you through questions to consider whether each item is something you want or need. This can be an emotional process, and we understand that. Some clients prefer to go through what questions to ask themselves during our consultation, so they can "purge" as homework prior to our first organizing session. 


Do I have to be there or will you organize it for me?

It depends. Contact us to discuss your project.


What should I expect during the in-person consultation?

Show us around and we'll talk about the project. We can recommend organizing products, help visualize furniture layout, establish organization priorities,
and develop a strategy for the space. If it's a good fit, we'll look at our calendars and schedule our first session.


Are you a non-profit organization?

No. We are a business that provides a service, but we also have a philanthropic mission to connect our clients' donations to non-profit organizations in the Austin community. One car or truck-load of donations and/or recycling is included with each organizing session.


Will you take my donations to the charity organization of my choice?

Absolutely! (As long as it is within Austin city limits). Have you seen our list of community partners? We are always looking for local non-profit partners, so please contact us with your recommendation and contact person, if possible.