Certified KonMari Consultant Erin Mursch presents on topics of home organization, mindfulness in the home, green initiatives, and 


In addition to public speaking, Erin offers interactive workshops on vision boards, folding the KonMari way, and other hands-on topics centering around organization, the home, the community, and the environment.


Clothing Swaps

Austin clothing swap

Organized for Good's official launch party in 2016 took the form of a clothing swap at owner Erin Mursch's home in South Austin. It was a blast - a high-energy, mimosa-filled, Gypsy Floral  It was clear that cleaning out our closets from time to time and sharing clothes among friends is a win-win. To get to see your no-longer-loved clothes look great on someone else and witness their joy is priceless, and to find pieces that look great on you (and get them for free) is more thrilling than shopping. We are extending the lives of our clothing.

Thus, what started out as a simple idea to network and market a new service business turned into a community-building, zero waste exercise that also resulted in donations benefiting local non-profit organizations.

The average woman only wears 20% of what's in her closet, and she spends $1700 each year on new clothing. And every year, 6.3% of our waste stream (15 million tons) is textile waste. All of this means that we're consuming fashion faster than our planet can handle.

We need to change our habits to preserve our planet for the future. By swapping our clothes every few months, we reserve the space in our closets for the things we absolutely love and are currently wearing, we save money by reducing purchases of non-essential items, and we satisfy our need for novel frivolities. Let's admit they are delightful.