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Marie Kondo Downsizing & Decluttering

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Organizing & Optimizing your Space

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Organizing Before & After Your Move

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Whether downsizing, adjusting to a new space, or simply decluttering, we provide guidance, support, and accountability to get you organized for good.

  • Clear your space, clear your mind
    Learn to tidy from Austin's first Certified KonMari Consultant. Learn all about the KonMari Method™ to tidying up once and for all here.

  • Utilize your space more effectively
    Together, we’ll streamline your home or work routine by cutting the clutter and mindfully setting up systems that work for you.

  • Live in the present
    By removing distracting items from your immediate surroundings, you'll be able to stay focused on what matters now.


We practice sustainable decluttering, and haul your donations and recyclables after every tidying session.

  • Donate to organizations that make a difference in our community
    Let it go without the guilt, knowing that someone will use the stuff that's been cluttering your space for too long. See where we donate your unwanted items.

  • Reduce landfill waste
    As part of our mission to divert as much waste from landfills as possible (and avoid junking up charities and wasting their resources), we haul items like textiles, metal scraps, hazardous waste, old electronics, and more at no additional cost to you.

  • Deduct your donations from your taxes
    We'll mail or deliver your donation receipt for a deduction on your annual income taxes.

Marie Kondo & austin konmari consultant Erin mursch

Marie Kondo & austin konmari consultant Erin mursch

Erin Mursch is a home organizing consultant based in Austin, TX. Her passion for order and transformation have been apparent all her life, from her days lovingly tidying up her roommates' closets to tidying up spreadsheets in her first professional job.

After experiencing the Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up herself in 2015, Erin trained with Marie Kondo to become Austin's first Certified KonMari Consultant. She has now logged more than a thousand hours of tidying in spaces of all sizes and shapes with clients of all circumstances and backgrounds. She uses empathy, positive energy, and expertise to support and guide clients wherever they find themselves along their decluttering journey.

Erin believes in sustainable decluttering by finding reuse or recycling options before throwing anything away, which eases the pain of letting go and brings even more joy and gratitude to the process. In addition to her hands-on tidying work with clients, Erin leads workshops and hosts quarterly community clothing swaps to encourage clutter clearing and secondhand and share economies. Her ultimate goal is to raise awareness of the waste of our consumer culture and to choose joy instead.